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Here at Playmaked, we understand that it can be hard to choose a lineup for your FPL team that you don’t want to change later that day. Each match played, every new piece of information or comment from a friend can instantly change your opinion of a player. We’re here to cut through all the noise and deliver only the most useful tips and ideas to help you in your FPL journey.

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Set piece takers

Sometimes being an FPL manager resembles having an extra job. To edge out the colleagues in your office league you need to know who are on penalties for Arsenal and who takes Aston Villa’s corners! Nobody’s got time for that, so luckily, Holly Shand has created this nifty infographic for us.

The Goalkeeper Formula

Goalkeepers are a contentious position. Some veteran players think it’s worth spending money on a goalkeeper for a top team while others would rather save and upgrade elsewhere. Eric Freeman has tackled the discussion head on in this brilliant thread that analyses how goalkeepers score most of their points.
The tl;dr is that you want to go for the best possible budget goalkeeper because there simply isn’t enough value in buying a premium from a top team.

Kane vs Haaland solved

You want to include all the stars of the Premier League in your FPL team but just can’t afford them all in your £100m budget. Some managers prefer to choose their team’s star player to show unwavering support for their club, others prefer to choose the most likely to bring home the most points and win their mini-league!
BigManBakar has given his informed opinion on who you should choose out of Kane v Haaland for that premium forward position debate! He also goes on to suggest that Salah & Cancelo are two players that you should definitely include in your Gameweek 1 lineup!

Latest news on injuries

FPL is not only about choosing who is most likely to score a goal or keep a clean sheet in any given week. It also includes needing to be aware of who will run out on the pitch each weekend!
Ben Dinnery luckily is the resident’ Injury Analyst’ for FPL managers and provides weekly updates on whos In and who’s Out. We see below that Ben has reported that Anthony Martial from Manchester United is injured and will not be available for the first week of the season. Popular Everton Striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin is also expected to be out for a month through injury so keep him away from your lineup.

Scout selection makes life easy

Are you lacking spare time due to life’s other commitments but are still keen to get involved in FPL with your mates? The Official FPL page has a ‘Scout’ that chooses a selection of players weekly that he believes will perform and give you those sweet sweet points to boost your ranking. They are usually quite good choices and can give you a quick overview of who you should consider for your team.

Fantasy Premier League Twitter Best team

Best FPL captain, formation and £5m defender

Looking for some more specific information for your starting lineup such as:

  • Best captain for Gameweek 1?
  • Best formation to use?
  • Best £5.0m defender?

FPLOlympian has got you covered. His useful infographic will answer those nagging questions you may have while you’re trying to finalise your team before the deadline.

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