Promoted Teams in FPL 2022/23: Bournemouth

A general deflation in player prices and a nightmare start make players from newly-promoted Bournemouth undesirable among FPL managers. However, they have a potential £4.0m starter, a midfielder who had double-digit goals and assists last season, and a few interesting forward options.

In addition, Bournemouth have an excellent fixture run after the first 4 gameweeks.
Read on for our assessment of Bournemouth in FPL.


Vitality stadium is the home ground of Bournemouth in FPL


Travers (£4.5m): Bournemouth’s first-choice goalie who just had his first-ever season as a first-choice goalkeeper. Travers has just signed a new 5-year contract extension recently, and the 23-year-old is likely to keep his spot as the first choice. That said, despite being part of the best defence of the Championship last season, his FPL appeal, along with the other goalkeepers priced £4.5m, is greatly reduced due to Mendy only being priced 0.5m more while Ederson and Allison are available for £5.5m. He isn’t even the best 4.5m option, with Sanchez, Raya and Pickford being priced the same. VERDICT: AVOID

Dennis (£4.0m): Currently only 21 years old, Dennis is Bournemouth’s only other goalkeeper in the team right now, he has yet to make a league appearance for Bournemouth. Perhaps you could get him to be your sub goalkeeper. After all, it’s improbable that you will get 3 other Bournemouth players, but don’t expect anything from him. VERDICT: ONLY CONSIDER AS SUB GOALKEEPER


You might realise there are only 6 people listed as defenders for Bournemouth so far. This is because Cahill left on a free transfer, and three of their defenders last season were on loan and left following the end of their loan contracts. Arsenal and Wolves have starting defenders priced at £4.5m, too, so you’d more likely not consider the Bournemouth guys. However, this is the part of the squad where they’re most likely to make some signings.

Kelly (£4.5m): Bournemouth’s captain and first-choice centre-back, most nailed in Bournemouth’s defence. Probably the first person you’d get if their defence outperforms expectations, as none of their fullbacks tend to get attacking returns. VERDICT: AVOID UNLESS BOURNEMOUTH’S DEFENSE GREATLY OUTPERFORMS EXPECTATIONS

Zemura (£4.5m): First choice left-back, last season was his first as a regular starter. Worth noting that Fredericks and Smith (2 of the 3 right backs) can also play left-back. VERDICT: AVOID

Mepham (£4.5m): One of the only two Bournemouth centre-backs listed in FPL right now, was on the bench fairly often last season, and is likely to not start regularly once they sign someone. VERDICT: AVOID

Smith/Stacey/Fredericks (£4.5m): All of these guys’ main position is right back. Smith took over the starting spot from Stacey sometime last season, while Fredericks just came in on a free transfer. Neither are nailed-on starters. VERDICT: AVOID

Phillips??? (£4.0m): Is currently a Liverpool player but doesn’t have a spot there. Bournemouth is looking to get him in on loan again or just secure his transfer. Started every game except for one during his loan spell in Bournemouth last season. Could be starting centre back if he arrives. Most people might choose to go big at the back, but for those who don’t, Phillips could be a good option on the bench if the deal is done. VERDICT: MONITOR TRANSFER, POTENTIAL STARTING 4.0M BENCH FODDER


Bournemouth are yet to spend any money on transfers this transfer window (both Fredericks and Rothwell came on free transfers) but as it stands 12 players are competing for 5 spots, with there being a fair amount of rotation last season in the Championship. Some of them will probably leave on loan or just get sold to another club, and there might be some new arrivals. There’s a reason none of their midfielders are priced above £5.5m after all.

Brooks (£5.5m): Very recently recovered from cancer and spent a long time out of action last season. Four seasons ago, he got 7 goals and 6 assists resulting in 123 FPL points the entire season. Remains to be seen how he’ll do after the long recovery time. VERDICT: MONITOR

Billing (5.5m): Attacking midfielder who got 10 goals and 10 assists in the Championship last season. He has never had attacking output anywhere near that in his previous seasons, but that’s because he has only been turned into an attacking midfielder recently. Could he keep this up in the Premier League? VERDICT: MONITOR

Anthony (£5.5m): Young winger who just broke through into Bournemouth’s first team plans last season. Just looking at goals and assists had a good spell last November but not much other than that. Doubt he will be a good FPL option. Could be rotated as Brooks is back. VERDICT: AVOID

Lowe (£5.5m): Winger, got 7 goals for Bournemouth last season but is still mainly used from the bench. Put it simply, he’s someone who doesn’t regularly start for a newly promoted team. VERDICT: AVOID

Christie (£5.5m): Winger who was preferred over Lowe. Got 8 assists last season but is again not consistent enough. Could be rotated as Brooks is back. VERDICT: AVOID

Stanislas (£5.0m): Barely played last season mainly due to injuries. Likely another rotation option on the wing. VERDICT: AVOID

Cook/Lerma (£5.0m): First choice center mids last season. Neither get many attacking returns. VERDICT: AVOID

Marcondes (£5.0m): Attacking midfielder who dropped out of the starting 11 when Lerma got back from injury. Not someone who regularly starts for Bournemouth. VERDICT: AVOID

Dembele (£5.0m): Signed from Peterborough during the winter transfer window. Got a few starts but again mainly used from the bench. VERDICT: AVOID

Rothwell (?): Center mid who Bournemouth picked up on a free transfer from Blackburn. He was a regular starter for Blackburn and got 10 assists last season. Somehow not in FPL yet. If priced at £4.5m could be one in that price range to feature more regularly. VERDICT: CONSIDER IF PRICED £4.5M

Pearson (£4.5m): Hasn’t started a Championship game since February. Is likely to be even further back the center midfield pecking order following the Rothwell signing. None of the 4.5m midfielders this season are expected to start (unlike previous seasons where starting eleven defensive mids are priced at £4.5m as well), so maybe you get him as it’s extremely unlikely that you will get 3 other Bournemouth players, don’t expect anything from him. VERDICT: ONLY GET AS BENCH FODDER, DON’T EXPECT REGULAR APPEARANCES


Solanke FPL

Two intriguing options here, both of these guys did reasonably well last season in the Championship.

Solanke (£6.0m): Previously a major flop for Bournemouth, getting only 3 Premier League goals for Bournemouth across one and a half seasons. That said, he managed to revive his Bournemouth career in the Championship, being joint top scorer with Danjuma two seasons ago and getting 29 goals and 7 assists last season. Worth noting that when on the pitch at the same time as Moore he is shifted to the wing or attacking midfield. Can he make the step up to the Prem this time? VERDICT: MONITOR

Moore (£5.5m): Signed in the winter transfer window from Cardiff, Moore was injured for the first few months he was at Bournemouth but incredibly got 4 goals from 3 substitute appearances after he got back from said injury involving a fractured foot. Will he actually get regular starts for Bournemouth? VERDICT: MONITOR

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